• Earn Significant Income as a Freelance Sales Professional.
  • Work as little or as much as you want.
  • Set your own hours, accounts, and territories.
  • Your provide introductions. Let the company you represent close the deals.

Monthly Compensation Calculator

Number of Introductions Completed per Month

Compensation Details

$500 to Learn About the Company (one time)
$500 Monthly Retainer to Source Opportunities
$500 per Successfully Completed Introduction
$1500 Bonus for Completing 8+ Introductions/month
$5000 for Every Deal Close by the Company

*Time Assumptions

16 Hours to Learn About the Company
8 Hours to Source Each Opportunity
3 Hours to Prepare and Conduct an Introduction
1 Close for Every 8 Introductions Completed
These are estimates. Your results may vary.

How it works

Swarmsales has teamed up with some of the hottest companies in the tech industry to provide qualified candidates the ability to help them break into new accounts. See the list of companies we represent here.

This is an opportunity to leverage your relationships to earn significant income as a freelance sales representative at the start of a company's sales opportunities.


Learn about a company of interest

Earn: $500

To help you be wildly succesful, we work with all of our companies to provide you with all the training and sales enablement materials you will need.


Source Opportunities

Earn: $500

Leverage your relationships and ninja sourcing skills to find great opportunities to sell into. If you qualify, you will also get paid a retainer for all the hard work going into this valuable activity.


Setup and Complete Introductions

Earn: $500

Introductions are typically a 1 hour meeting between you, your account, and the company you are representing. You will of course get paid for each completed introduction.


Handoff Opportunity to the Company You Represent

Earn: $5000 (on deal close)

Once the intro. is completed, simply hand-off the opportunity to the company and let them do the rest of the hard work to close the deal. If it closes, you also get paid a commission!

Companies We Work With


Lexalytics Logo

Text analytics software solutions, providing entity extraction, sentiment analysis, document summarization and thematic extraction.

Access website

Miller Heiman Group

Miller Heiman Logo

Automatic Customer Service Solution that uses Artificial Intelligence.

Access website


Ubykuo Logo

Agile, efficient and transparent digital product and services design and development.

Access website


Globant Logo

Empowering Organizations for a Digital and Cognitive Revolution.

Access website


Sungard Logo

Transforming IT for Resilient Business with Availability Services.

Access website

Access Innovations

Access Innovations Logo

Semantic solutions to go from search to found.

Access website

Escrow Logo

Online escrow payments solutions.

Access website

Search Strategy Solutions

Search Strategy Solutions Logo

Search Experts at Your Fingertips.

company website

Who we are looking for?

We are looking for people with the following backgrounds:

  • Have inside sales or sales development rep experience
  • Have enterprise sales experience
  • Business development or alliance experience

Ideally, you would have experience in the industry or technology of the company you want to represent. If accepted, you will be provided training on the company and their products.

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Frequently asked questions

Have some questions?

How do I get paid?

You will get paid with a combination of a retainer, introduction completion fee, commission (on deal closes), and bonuses for meeting specific performance targets.

Is there a limit to the amount of introductions I can complete?

No. Swarmsales was founded by sales professionals who believe caps are not in the best interest of buyers or sales professionals. In some cases, companies will offer a bonus for completing a certain number of introductions within a given time period.

Are there account or territory restrictions?

The company will provide guidance on the territories and type of accounts they prefer. In certain cases the company may choose not to accept your opportunities if they are working with other sales professionals on the same account.

Will I get additional training?

Yes! You will receive learning materials and training tailored to help you optimize your performance. In addition, Swarmsales provides general sales training courses in conjunction with Miller Heiman, a leading provider of sales training. You will be expected learn about the company and take and exam/interview by the company. We estimate the training to take about 8-16 hours.

Do you provide tools to help me source new opportunities?

Yes! We will provide you with a subscription to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Apollo (

Where can I get more information?

You can contact us here.